The Accountant is a level 1 unit that is created after 180 seconds of labor inside a Bank Room. Accountants manage a level 2 room list category room so they are slightly more advanced and are more valuable to your fortress.The accountant is exactly like the gofer except that it has a lot higher production rating. Instead of only transfering every second or third product, it exchanges every item for money as soon as it is created. This seems
a bit broken so at some point it may be edited so that one can only select one resource to exchange. One way that we will be balancing it is that, by being a naive accountant, it will make mistakes. for example, the accountant has a 50% of completeing the transaction successfully. A 10% chance of giving you a different resource in return instead of money. A 10% chance of giving you twice what the resource would normally give you and a 30% chance of giving you nothing at all.


1- Run away from danger

2- Work in the nearest bank

3- Return to your latest working station

4- Travel to the next left clicked point

5- "Get me a latte"- You fetch your boss (Banker) a meal at a butchery.

- Command only works if you have a banker somewhere in the fortress.

-The Banker must be hungry.

-There must be a butcher.

Under these circumstances, the Banker will instantly accept and consume the meal.


  • The Accountant is, so far, the only unit that has a larger number of commands than its level 2 counterpart

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