When enough resources (livestock and wood planks) are sold back to the home world via portal that you reach $2000, the other 4 rooms are unlocked. These 4 rooms create the Level 2 room list category. These rooms are the Farm Room, Bank Room, Hallway, and Butchery Room.

This page focuses on the Bank Room. The bank room is planned to be a room that will either bu used to directly convert resources to money or to improve exchange rates between the Portal and you. Or maybe both but let us
Bank Large

The Bank/prison of souls and money

not overload Hidden.

When the bank is created in Alpha, all it does is instantly turn all wood into money, removing the need of a person to go directly to the Portal. It is also used to turn farm animals into money as well. Note that is an exchange, not free money. Also you can toggle the farm animals and wood planks so that you sell some of the resources for example, pigs and chickens, but you keep the cows and wooden planks. This ability has no use in alpha but eventually cows will make milk and wood planks can be crafted into other cool stuff. So you may want to consider sparing their lives...for now...


  • The bank, to some people looks like a prison. My response to them is simple. I know. I made it that way. I made the two so similar because I had trouble distinguishing between them in the first place. Banks hold your souls prison... :D

Items, units, etc. related to the Bank Room




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