The Bankers are one of the more interesting units in the game thus far. They have a remarkably simple job that makes Alpha 1.0 much less of a hastle. Rather than having your units work in a Room until they fill up on supplies. They can work as much as they want because the Banker does the work of exchange for them.

Bankers are level 2 units created after an accountant spends 180 seconds working in a Bank.

The Banker is just like the Accountant (instantly exchanging any resource for money). Except now, that ability is togglable to any resource you do or do not want him to use. The Banker however has a 100% exchange rate, getting it perfect every time. But bankers, being greedy fools after all, will take 10% from all funds every 180 seconds and blow it all of on whatever Bankers blow their money off on. Bankers are also incapable of doing any othe type of work besides banking (they don't want to damge their suits).

1- Run away from danger

2- Work in the nearest Bank Room

3- Return to your previous task

4- Move to the next left clicked location


  • Level 1 thief: GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY!
  • Level 27 thief: Now if you'll just sign here...
  • Image pending

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