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The planned start menu for the FallingFortress game


29 Days and counting!

About the Game and its creators:

FallingFortress is a game programmed by TheHiddenOnes with art by TheIllustratorof4 and music by ParallelNebulae based on a concept by Sean Howard. It is still under construction and is planned to be released for free alpha testing this June. It is a strategy game that resembles a sort of "tetrissy" concept. The game works by selecting a room and control it as it falls onto a space. As you do this you build a fortress against an enemy (eventually there will be three modes: Player vs. Computer, Player vs. Player, and Player vs. Waves of enemies). And when we are ready for Alpha testing, the game will be available via Mediafire. With a link available on this wiki and on our website. If you want to contact either of the creators contact us at or find out more about the game or the gamers at!

Latest activity

WE HAVE A WEBSITE!!! When the game is done this June it will be uploaded at this website:

So we recently set up categories under Wiki content on the top of the page. If you scroll over it you will get the stuff on this wiki. Please avoid just searching the wiki in the search bar if you want the most recent information, as the search may take a while to recognize new information.

Two categories that we made were are rooms and game mechanics. TheHiddenOnes will be doing most of the stuff involving game mechanics while I, TheIllustratorof4, will do most of the work involving Rooms on this wiki (the detailed bits).

Please note most information on this wiki is very much subject to change.

0.3.0 screen shot2

This is an image from Alpha 0.3.0 (The clouds are the next things to be fixed and yes, they do move).

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