Ghost Pig

When enough resources (livestock and wood planks) are sold back to the home world via portal that you reach $2000, the other 4 rooms are unlocked. These 4 rooms create the Level 2 room list category. These rooms are the Farm Room, Bank Room, Hallway, and Butchery Room.

This page focuses on the Farm Room. The Farm Room creates (when occupied by a gofer) a random pig, cow, or chicken every time the thought bubbles reach the top of the gofers head. This time will be substantually slower than other rooms because gofers are not very good at creating farm animals out of thin air.

The farm is capable of holding 2 cows, 4 pigs, and 10 chickens. The farm is incapable of generating more than the cap limit of a ny animal, even if there is extra room in the farm.

The Farm Room is an interesting room becasue of its unique properties. It is a very picky room. Grass can only grow on the ground and so the Farm can only be placed at ground level. Also, the Farm Room has no ceiling to allow light to freely enter. Placing a room on top of the Farm Room will destroy the Farm Room.

The Farm Room is used to collect animals and than move them to a Butchery to be made into meals. The occupant of the room will, when the room is full only, move animals one by one into the butchery. This gives the Farm -1 animal so it has to stay there until the Farm is full again. If a butchery is unavailable than it takes the animals to the Portal Room and exchanges them for money.


  • The Farm Room always appears to have a pig in it, even if the Farm has no pigs.
  • The Farm animals, when sold at the Portal Room is the best way to earn money

Units, items, etc. related to the Farm Room


Farm Hand


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