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A friendly gopher...deep in thought...

Gofers are going to be those annoying thing that you don't know what to do with when you start the game but the truth is that they will be the most important aspect of the game. When the game starts off you are distributed 3 gofers. At first one might think, what are those supposed to look like, or that is not a gofer, or what do I do with them. The answers to these three things are as follow.

I had very little time to develop a person looking...thing before Hidden needed them so I wanted to make something simple yet human- esque and tada! The gofer.The gofers are the most useful thing in the game because a room can't run without at least a gofer inside.

Gofers have level 0 proficiency in any task. They start of with 4 commands. When clicked, you select either...

1- Run away from danger

2- Work in the nearest room

3- Return to your last working station.

4- Travel to the next left clicked point (activate resource collecting in room you land in)

When a gofer travels to a room to work, they will gain 3 small yellow thought bubbles that, when all three light up, 1 of the rooms resources are generated. When they have worked in any room for 180 seconds they will become level 1 in that skill. There appearances will change and they will no longer be gofers. When a gofer upgrades, their efficiency in that task increases (they produce faster). Trivia:

  • Gofers are the only infinite unit because only 25 rooms can be created, it is impossible to have an infinite number of anything except gofers since gofers can be bought an infinite amount of times at the Portal.
  • Gofers are also the most efficient unit. They have 1 hit point but they only need 1 meal to sustain them. When they get fatigued from food deprivation, their speed only drops once, to half speed.
  • 2 gofers are seen on the front of the main menu...having a...starring contest...

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