Deep thought 2

Even more deep in thought...

The Handy Man is a level 1 unit that is used in the Wood Mill. It is created after a gofer works for 180 seconds inside a Wood Mill. Not much is decided about level 1 units. It can be expected though that their production rate will be more than that of gofers but less than that of Mill Workers. They look like gofers except with hats and tool belts containing wooden tools. They have the same health as a gopfer, 1 Hit point. Any attack will kill it. This unit keeps several of the working commands of gofers with several additions. For example:

1- Run away from danger

2- Work in the nearest Wood Mill

3- Return to your last working station

4- Travel to th next left click point (activate resource collecting in room you land in)


  • It is worth noting that while a gofers thought bubbles are yellow, Handy Men and indeed all level 1 units will have orange for their thought bubbles...wonder what red is going to be...

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