Knighty knight...

Knights are currently the most advanced type of combat unit. They mostly like there soldier counter parts but the have full helms, feathers, and javelins. The move slightly faster than soldiers and tire less quickly. They have a 50% evasion against soldiers but a 0% evavion against knights.


1- Push forward- The unit presses trhough enemy defenses

2- Defend- The unit stands it's ground and will attack any enemy who comes into range.

3- Run way from danger

4- Travel to the next left clicked location

5- Regroup- You send a signal to all other combat units to regroup inside the Portal Room


  • Although they have a javelin there range is not increased.
  • At some poit after a Barn Room is released, we will get something like if you send the knight into the Barn he gets a horse.
  • All combat units are incapable of doing any type of work besides combat.

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