Well theres yer problem

The Mill Worker is a highly specialized Wood Mill room worker. They can create wooden planks in under a second by now. They are seen with larger hats and iron tools instead of wooden ones. They are created from 180 seconds of work in a Wood Mill by a Handy Man. Along with all the other Wood Mill Working units (gofer/ Handy Man), once they fill there inventory with 15 wooden planks, they report to the Portal to drop off resources for money. These units have the same hit points as Soliers, 3 Hit point. Their commands are:

1- Run away from danger

2- Work in the nearest Wood Mill

3- Return to your previous task

4- Travel to the next left clicked point (you work in th room that you select)


  • Mill Workers are the most broken thing in the game. If you have a Mill Worker, you basically have infinite cash. They will be balanced eventually at some point in the Universe.
  • Yeah! Red thought bubbles!

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