Portal room

This is an image of the portal room on team blue

The portal room is the room that automatically spawns at what will end up being the heart (life force) of your fortress. At the beginning of every game, it appears along with 3 gofers you automatically start off with. It is possible that at some point this room will be a slow source of some resource or resources, allow you to sell resources (especially wood planks in Alpha 1.0), recruit gofers, and we are pursuing the possibility of purchase fortress upgrades. However, if this room gets destroyed, it's game over and all your rooms will be destroyed. Lucky for you, this room starts out well armored, so it should be safe for a while....

Its application to Alpha will be really simple. All the portal room will be doing is when you get a certain number of resources (provided it has no where else to go). the unit carrying the resource will deliver it to the portal and exchange it for money. The portal other than this is just the core of the fortress. It is the only armored room and it will have twice the stamina of the other rooms.

The idea behind the Portal Room also sort of explains the whole premise of the game. You have been sent from your home world which is completely devoid of resources to one rich in resources via portal. When you get there you find a great deal of competition from an enemy civilization from your planet also searching for resources. Destroy the enemies portal before they destroy yours.


  • The only image of an enemy portal can be found in the logo of the game.
  • The FallingFortress Portal coloration looks somewhat similar to that of the minecraft portal (they both appear to be made of obsidian).
  • It is unknown whether the Player vs. Waves of enemies mode will incorporate an enemy portal or not.
  • Portal rooms are the only room that you can have no more than 1 of. Portal rooms may become twice the size of others rooms sometime after the official Alpha release.

Units, items, etc. related to the Portal Room:


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