Soldier 2

A friendly soldier.

The soldier is the first of hopefully many units that specialize in combat. They have 3 Hit points and wear metal armor with helmets. They are the level 1 combat units earned by 180 seconds of work by a gofer in a Training Room. When they attack they run up to a unit or wall and hit it. They bounce back when they attack and when they are hit, they flash a different color, other than their team color.

They autimatically attack any enemy near them but you will be able to have them target another unit or wall. They can't attack rooms and destroy them but they can destroy individual walls. They can also destroy the enemy portal. There is no freindly fire so they don't destroy any of their own fortress and they cant hit each other.


1- Push forward- The unit pushes through defenses

2- Defend- The unit stands it's ground and defends from any unit that gets in range.

3- Run away from danger

4- Travel to the next left clicked location


  • Soldiers and knights can not complete any other task besides combat.

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