Ya see me training

The Training Room

The training room is, along with the Wood Mill room, the only room that can be placed right after the game starts. These are the two rooms in the Level 1 room list category. The training rooms are much better at being less broken than the Wood Mill. When a gofer enters the Training Room they...well train. They become skilled in the art of swordsmanship and get triple stamina(three hearts). The Training Room looks like all the other rooms, same size and all. In the right of the room a straw or wooden figure of a gofer exists. It is strapped to the wall and is holding a stick weapon. On the left is a punching bag hanging from the ceiling.

When a gofer travels to the room to work, he must works for 180 seconds before becoming a soldier. An additional 180 seconds will cause a soldier to become its level 2 form, knight.


  • The training room was at one point going to be a barracks. a room that generated 2 soldiers and a knight. This feature of the room was removed.
  • At some point the Training room may be able to upgrade to something like the barracks mentioned above.
  • The Training Room is the only room that can have 2 occupant working in it at once. When this happens it only takes 100 seconds to upgrade the 2 gofers to soldier and knight. This is supposed to represent the two units training together.

Units, items, etc. related to the Wood Mill




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