Name: Wood Mill Room/ Saw Mill Room (in coding) The Wood Mill Room is set to be one of rooms in Alpha 1.0 prerelease, to commence this June. The Wood Mill


The New Wood Mill design in 0.3.0

is on of the rooms in Alpha 1.0 that can be created right away after the game starts. All of the rooms that can be generated at the game start make the Level 1 room category. The wood mill generates one wood currency equal to the skill level of the worker operating the room.

When a gofer operates in the Wood Mill for 180 seconds, it is upgraded into a Handy Man. After 180 seconds of operating in the Wood Mill as a Hany Man, the unit becomes a Mill Worker. A Mill Worker does not upgrade. As units become more skilled in the Wood Mill their efficincy and production speed increases.

Related Units and/or Items


Handy Man

Mill Worker

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